RAH Infotech creating awareness among its customers

For today’s organizations, cyber threat is the biggest hurdle to overcome and it is an imperative to have a strong cyber security framework in place to protect business critical data. So to better understand the cyber security landscape and to better position the organization to fight these threats, RAH Infotech, the fastest growing value added distributor in the country, organized a cyber security seminar for one of the most vulnerable segments i.e, Government.

Themed “Stop Dreaming… Start Acting” the seminar encouraged the audience to stop just DREAMING about having a robust security infrastructure and gear up to ACT to realize the dreams with more advanced and sophisticated security technologies available today. RAH Infotech organized this seminar in association with ForeScout and Ixia, the industry leaders in network security and visibility solutions.

So through this Platform , RAH Infotech , wants to drive home a message of STOP DREAMING (Data Breach, Ransomeware, Email Compromise, Android Vulnerabilities, Malware Attack, Insider Threat, Network Attacks, GDPR Non-compliance) and START ACTING (Attack Mitigation, Cyber Security, Threat Protection, IoT Security, Network Security and GDPR Compliance).

What is the objective behind this seminar?

Every other day we see even the largest organizations with fairly decent security infrastructure in place being hacked. With cyber criminals on the rampage, as a technology VAD, it is our responsibility to educate our customers on the threat landscape and also share with them the best practices in mitigating the cyber threats. It is even more critical for the Government sector as the country looks to go Digital in the years to come.

Through this seminar we aimed at creating awareness about the wide variety of threats and mitigation methodologies in the wake of all round digitization and the journey towards cloud.

Government is emphasizing on keeping data locally. What is your take on this?
It’s not just in India but there are a lot of other countries who have this mandate of keeping the data local. Having data locally is like having it with you and you very well understand what kind of a breach can take place within in your controlled environment. Seminars like these throw light on how to keep data locally and how well you can secure it.

In a way it is strategic to keep the most critical data within the country and I am a big proponent of the same. It’s good for our economy and our business as many of our data center players will get big opportunities and a lot of jobs will also be generated. It has lot of other tangible associations too including many home grown companies coming up with solutions around safeguarding data. We are already witnessing this phenomenon and this gives impetus to our economy.

Why this seminar is focused to government organization?
Enterprises have many resources who specialize in cyber security and they have sufficient IT budgets to address security concerns while Government segment is limited by the RFV or tender process. Thus Government segment is more at risk compared to other organizations or enterprises. Hence it is important that they understand the data security challenges and what is available to safeguard the same. 

Further seminars like these help us interact more closely with Government customers and understand their standpoint while helping them understand today’s threat landscape and help them in taking the right steps. It is a win-win situation for both.

Kindly, elaborate on RAH’s association with Ixia and ForeScout.                
We have been associated with ForeScout for more than three years now and continue to be their exclusive VAD in the country. We work very strategically with ForeScout and have dedicated team within the distribution. We have recently signed Ixia and our association is getting stronger every day as we work closely with them on the GTM. Like for ForeScout, we have product managers for Ixia, trained resources who are able to deploy the solutions and POCs, present the solutions to customers and build the whole stack.

We get a lot of support from both these companies and we are fortunate that we have got the right kind of people working with us. As we see the business growing, with Forescout we have been growing more than 30% year on year and we are expecting similar growth with Ixia.

Why ForeScout and Ixia for Cyber Security Seminar?
ForeScout Technologies has pioneered an agentless approach to network security to address the explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and operational technologies.

Ixia, a Keysight company delivers a powerful combination of innovative solutions and trusted insight to support network and security products, from concept to operation.

While ForeScout solutions help analyze the network traffic and provide greater visibility, Ixia provides complementing solution which can help the Analysis tool with deeper visibility and faster results. This combination results in superior visibility and network security essential to combat cyber threats in the early stages.