RAH Infotech believes in delivering value to channel partners and customers by way of new technologies

With many new entrants entering the segment and heightened competition, the value seems to have lost its charm in Value Added Distribution. At RAH Infotech we always strive to steer away from the mundane and position ourselves as a true VAD.

Our GTM is stitched around the Value we add to our partners, customers and our OEMs which is much beyond the mediocre marketing. While it is good to have marketing tactics in place, a brand is recognised for what Value it delivers to its stakeholders and we concentrate all our energies in delivering that Value.

Marketing is a key component of any business plan and both sales and marketing should go hand-in-hand for any business to be successful. At RAH Infotech, sales and marketing teams work in close coordination to ensure success of all sales, inside sales and marketing programs which result in better RoI.

Organisations of all sizes must possess a robust marketing engine to excel in business. With the world going digital, it is imperative to take marketing too on the digital path.

Good data for a Good Brand Strategy 

Good data for us is having a good market intelligence and a versatile CRM platform which helps us get better insights about the market and our customers and prospects. In the recent past, we have heavily invested on solutions that deliver the market and competitive data as well as on a CRM platform which provides insights into our customers’ buying patterns apart from helping us be in regular touch with them. 

Leveraging new Technologies

As a VAD focused on adding value to our partners and customers, we are at the forefront of studying and introducing new and advanced cutting edge technologies in India which help our customers embrace digital transformation in an effective manner. 

We are closely monitoring the technologies in Cyber Security, Data Management, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Predictive Analytics and Intelligent Apps and are looking to sign up new OEMs to add more advanced solutions to our offerings that make a difference to our partners’ revenues and our customers’ IT infrastructure and security. 

Software as a Service (SaaS) paved way for financially attractive and flexible options for businesses to try early cloud services. According to a 2016 survey on cloud services from Cisco, 2018 will see SaaS solutions as the most highly deployed cloud services across the globe. We will see businesses focused on simplifying operations and providing easy access services to their customers will move towards integrating SaaS, Iaas and PaaS into their business processes.

As the adaption of cloud services increase, we can expect data and cloud storage to grow exponentially. With this, businesses will have equal emphasis on securing the cloud infrastructure.

R&D driving Growth

With new IT challenges cropping up every other day, it is very essential to associate with OEMs and technology partners who invest substantial part of their revenues in R&D to strengthen and future-proof their solution offerings. As a True VAD we pick, choose and associate with technology partners who are focused on innovation and R&D.