Virsec is the leading provider of application-aware workload protection. Virsec’s unique technology defends against the widest range of attacks in runtime. Whether known or unknown, Virsec protects against any and all malware and exploits – without signatures, tuning or prior knowledge. The Virsec solution secures critical applications, from legacy to COTS to custom, wherever they may reside – be it servers, the cloud, container or hybrid. Based in San Jose, California, Virsec is led by industry veterans with extensive leadership experience at multiple leading cybersecurity and technology companies and a long list of successful high-growth startups.

Virsec provides the first and only application-aware workload protection platform that incorporates System Integrity Assurance, Application Control and Memory Protection into a single solution. Virsec delivers in-depth visibility across the entire workload and detects and blocks known and unknown threats that remain undetected by heuristic and endpoint security solutions. The Virsec solution maps the expected performance of each application on a workload and protects the memory those applications use to execute. Virsec ensures that the components of those applications are correct and unmodified before they are allowed to execute, and any deviation from the norm is treated as a threat. More information is available at