Actifio delivers Enterprise Data as a Service to thousands of global enterprise customers and service provider partners in more than 37 countries. It specializes in copy data virtualization for making information technology infrastructure more efficient reducing unnecessary duplication of data.

Actifio replaces siloed data management applications with an application-centric, SLA-driven approach.

Solutions for Large Organizations & the World’s Leading Cloud Service Providers

  • BACKUP MODERNIZATION – Virtualizing data with Actifio can completely transform the way you store data, and solve your backup problems once and for all.
  • DATA ACCESS – Build better applications faster, and access your data when and where you need it with Actifio’s Copy Data Virtualization platform.
  • FOR SERVICE PROVIDERS – Actifio’s fully featured cloud service provider offering – built on the patented Virtual Data Pipeline platform – enables rapid, profitable introduction of differentiated data management services.

Key Features

  • VIRTUAL COPIES – Provision many virtual copies instantly with self-service platform
  • RE-WRITABLE – Virtual copies are re-writable and consume storage only for incremental writes
  • APPLICATION CONSISTENCY – Virtual copies of databases are application consistent
  • FAST REFRESHES – Fast refreshes and minimal impact on production apps with incremental forever capture
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE – Execute high performance test cases with virtual copies provisioned over fiber channel
  • REWIND TO ANY POINT-IN-TIME – DVR like rewind capabilities allow negative testing
  • WORKFLOW FOR DATA-MASKING – Workflow to automate data masking using existing tools and scripts
  • STORAGE INDEPENDENT & CLOUD READY – Provision virtual copies on any storage, in data center, private, or public cloud like AWS, Azure & Oracle