With over 30,000 worldwide deployments and offices in America, Europe, Asia and South America, KEMP Technologies is the industry leader in advanced Layer 2 – 7 Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) and application-centric load balancing. Recognised by Gartner as the only Visionary in the ADC Magic Quadrant in 2015, KEMP is changing the way modern enterprises and service providers are building cloud-enabled application delivery infrastructure.

Over the past decade, KEMP has been a consistent leader in innovation with a number of industry firsts, including high performance ADC appliance virtualisation, application-centric SDN and NFV integration, innovative pricing and licensing models and true platform ubiquity that can scale to support enterprises of every size and workload requirement. Our clients run the gamut from Fortune 50 companies to commercial businesses, remote enterprise branch offices, managed service providers and education/public sector clients.


Product offerings:

KEMP Load Balancers (ADCs)

KEMP Load Balancers are #1 in Price/Performance. Since the year 2000, KEMP load balancers have offered an unmatched mix of must-have features at an affordable price without sacrificing performance.

Why Buy a KEMP Technologies Load Balancer?

Easy to Configure, Deploy and Manage. Backed by Fantastic Technical Support

Our products are easy to deploy, use and scale. Period. In a Zendesk support survey KEMP has a 99% satisfaction rate.

Ready for the Cloud

KEMP pioneered virtual load balancers and continues to lead the way with broad hypervisor support and unique cloud products.

More Throughput and SSL for Your Buck!

KEMP Load Balancers start at $1,990, include the first year of support and has the industries best throughput & SSL per $.

Platform Ubiquity

KEMP LoadMaster supports more platforms: hardware, virtual, cloud or bare metal on HP, Dell, Cisco, Fujitsu and Oracle.

Easy to Try

KEMP offers free fully supported trials of all our ADC’s. Try a hardware, virtual, cloud or bare metal load balancer.


Key features include:

KEMP Load Balancers Provide Edge Security & End Point Authentication

When Microsoft decided to end-of-life its ForeFront TMG product, KEMP released its Edge Security Pack, which rolled some critical TMG features into its load balancers, including:

  • End Point Authentication for Pre-Auth
  • Persistent Logging and Reporting for User Logging
  • Single Sign On (SSO) across Virtual Services
  • LDAP authentication from the LoadMaster to the Active Directory
  • KEMP Virtual Load Balancers Support More Hypervisors!

KEMP virtual load balancer have all the same features as our hardware load balancers.

KEMP Technologies delivers an industry leading balance of performance and cost on its virtual LoadMaster (VLM) line of load balancers. Our virtual load balancers have the same feature set as our hardware load balancers and run on a wide variety of hypervisors including: VMware, Hyper-V, Xen and Oracle Virtual Box.

We offer a number of different virtual load balancer models with throughputs starting at 200Mbps and going up to 10Gbps. All KEMP virtual load balancers come with the first year of technical support.

KEMP load balancers are optimized and certified for Microsoft workloads.

Easy-to-use deployment guides are available for both Exchange and Lync. ​All our LoadMasters fully support Microsoft’s key solutions and are Microsoft certified. KEMP’s technical support staff have many years of experience configuring and supporting load balancing for Microsoft applications. KEMP Loadmaster’s come with configuration templates to easily install and optimize traffic for Microsoft workloads.

KEMP Load Balancers come with the first year of technical support

KEMP’s support team includes Microsoft Exchange, Lync, SharePoint and VMware certified professionals in addition too general networking and high availability experts. We have been helping customers with load balancing for 15 years. Our engineers enjoy what they do. We take pride in supporting our customers and your load balancer needs.

With over 30,000 clients worldwide, KEMP’s support expertise covers a wide range of design configurations and system complexities. Our engineers are here to make sure you get the most value from your LoadMaster and have any questions answered correctly and efficiently.


LoadMaster Family of Load Balancers & ADCs


Additional resources:


Application Delivery Management: KEMP360


The KEMP360 application delivery framework offers a single point for control, monitoring and diagnosis of key application metrics and drives operational efficiencies with increased visibility, centralized management and reduced resolution times.

The KEMP360 framework includes KEMP360 Central, a single pane of glass for management of application delivery infrastructures and KEMP360 Vision which delivers proactive monitoring and diagnosis to minimize or even eliminate the impact of issues in the application delivery infrastructure.


Compare KEMP to F5 and Citrix

  • Simplify Application Delivery
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Improve Infrastructure Visibility



  • Improved Application Availability
  • Better Quality of Experience for Users
  • Quicker issue diagnosis and resolution


Anywhere Application Visibility

KEMP360 provides centralized visibility on application delivery across all hosting platforms including data centre, private cloud, IaaS, PaaS and public cloud. From a single point, application owners have access to all their key application performance metrics while the infrastructure managers have the visibility and controls to easily monitor and manage the application delivery stack.


KEMP Web Application Firewall Pack (AFP)


KEMP’s Application Firewall Pack (AFP)* combines Layer 7 Web Application Firewall protection with other application delivery services including intelligent load balancing, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention as well as edge security and authentication. By integrating the world’s most deployed web application firewall engine, ModSecurity, augmented by threat intelligence and research from information security provider, Trustwave, AFP provides

  • data loss prevention (DLP)
  • mitigation of the OWASP Top Ten common vulnerabilities
  • real-time threat protection for packaged & custom applications
  • support for organizational PCI-DSS compliance requirement

With a targeted focus on application-specific exploits missed by traditional firewalling techniques, AFP plays a key part in a defense-in-depth strategy that mitigates risk and optimizes applications.


Key Benefits

Comprehensive Security Services

LoadMaster provides integrated security capabilities including Web Application Firewall protection (WAF), edge security, L7 IPS/IDS, DDos Mitigation, application publishing and authentication services as standard features on all platforms including select hardware appliances.

PCI-DSS Compliance

Protecting web applications is of critical importance for all organizations, especially those which process payments. In order to help customers with PCI-DSS requirements, AFP reduces the need for extensive code reviews with industry proven rule sets that are regularly and automatically updated.

Ease of Deployment and Use

With KEMP’s focus on simplicity and shortening time to production for application deployment, LoadMaster with Application Firewall Pack (AFP) enables secure, scalable, and always-on workload delivery in one fully integrated, easy to use and deploy load balancing solution.

Key Threats Mitigated by the KEMP Application Firewall Pack

Cookie Tampering:

Cookies are small pieces of text transmitted to web clients by a server or proxy with the intent to eventually be sent back to the server or proxy, unchanged. These are used in authentication and authorization processes as well as to track and maintain state across HTTP sessions. They can also be used to accomplish a number of attacks (SQL injection, XSS, buffer overflow, integer overflow) by injecting malicious values into the cookie.


Cross Site Request Forgery:

Cross-site request forgery (CSRF or XSRF) attacks execute unwanted commands on a web application by unknowingly using an end users authentication. These exploits inherit the privilege level of the user and appear legitimate to the application which the user is authenticated to. By checking referrer headers, Application Firewall Pack blocks attempts at leveraging CSRF against application infrastructures.


Cross-Site Scripting:

Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks exploit web-based applications by sending scripts that are transparently activated by clients when read allowing for user identity theft, cookie poisoning and malicious redirection. KEMP’s Application Firewall Pack mitigates this attack by disallowing the malicious injection of untrusted data into values that are passed.


Data Loss Prevention (DLP):

The unauthorized transfer of sensitive information from a network via accomplished both through malicious and legitimate means including File transfer protocol (FTP), web applications, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and messaging clients. By inspecting and denying egress traffic containing unauthorized data, KEMP’s Web Application Firewall Pack prevents the exfiltration of sensitive content out of application infrastructures based on business policies.



Injection attacks leverage client sessions to insert input data into a traffic stream that can be used to read privileged data, modify content and execute administrative operations. KEMP’s Web Application Firewall Pack mitigates such attacks by dynamically monitoring client traffic flows for malicious injection patterns and preventing unauthorized execution.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) Requirements Supported by KEMP’s Web

Application Firewall Pack

  • PCI-DSS Section 1.2: Deny traffic from untrusted networks and hosts
  • PCI-DSS Section 3.3: Mask account numbers when displayed
  • PCI-DSS Section 3.5: Protect encryption keys against disclosure and misuse
  • PCI-DSS Section 4.1: Use strong cryptography and security protocols
  • PCI-DSS Section 6.6: Audit and correct application code vulnerabilities or institute an application firewall

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