Rah Infotech organised Cyber Security 2020

Industry’s call out to join the Cyber Security League, identifies 20 cyber threats looming at large

In an event hosted by RAH Infotech in association with Radware and Seclore on 19th May at Le Meridien New Delhi, IT industry experts came together to discuss the 20 threats each CEO should prepare for by 2020 and how to combat the ever challenging cyber security issues.

Speaking at the event, the guest of honour Mr. Pavan Duggal, Chairman International Commission on Cyber Security Law & Advocate, Supreme Court said “Data is the most critical component of any business and securing it should be the first priority. Ransomeware is just the tip of the iceberg. Organisations must brace up for more powerful attacks with cyber criminals finding smarter ways to break into any network.”

He further added “DDoS attacks can be rampant in future. They can impact organisation’s business in a big way. It will not only result in loss of revenue but loss of customer trust. Cyber Security is ever more important for banking sector as transactions worth millions of rupees occur every single day. Govt. of India has put forth certain guidelines and those who adhere to these guidelines are protected by the law. Failing to adhere could lead to imprisonment and heavy penalty.”

Amit Malhotra, VP, Sales India, Middle East & Africa, Seclore shared “The free flow of information at an unprecedented speed will warrant a paradigm shift in the InfoSecurity community, who will be unable to assure the security of data as it moves across and outside of corporate boundaries. Instead, the InfoSecurity teams will shift their focus to securing the data itself, striving to achieve persistent security through solutions that control granular usage policies, regardless of where the information resides. Data-Centric Security Solutions will become an InfoSecurity fundamental, joining the ranks of Anti-Virus and Firewall Technologies.”

Nikhil Taneja, Managing Director - INDIA & SAARC, Radware, said “Over the past few years, digital technologies have rippled through the business world and unleashed unprecedented innovation and disruption. Yet, at the same time, attacks are becoming more insidious and sophisticated. Phishing, spear-phishing, whaling, ransomware, hacking, hacktivism and corporate espionage are now mainstream problems. Data breaches and DDoS attacks are a daily concern. As the most networked nation on earth, India is extremely vulnerable. Perry4law, a world renowned techno legal firm believes that Cyber Security Infrastructure in India could still be at nascent stages and Indian Cyber Security Infrastructure must be urgently “Strengthened” so that sophisticated Cyber Attacks can be suitably managed in India.”

“It's time we educate our customers to focus more on understanding business and technology intersection points and how they introduce risks at various levels from application security to APIs and network design to clouds. It's time we made them understand what the year 2020 will hold for them and how we can better prepare to tackle cyber security challenges the future will unleash. This event was one such effort in that direction”, said Mr. Suchit Karnik, COO, RAH Infotech.

During the course of the event, team Radware held a role play where one of the member acted as a customer considering Cyber security solution (DDoS) and other was Radware representative answering all the queries the customer had. Through this act, they tried answering questions which are very crucial to choosing the right solutions but many a times don’t get asked or answered.

The event title and theme were strategically chosen to coincide with the on-going IPL 20:20 for better recall value. At the core, the event was all about “Educating customers regarding current threats and how their spread can impact businesses and what solutions are currently available and the need gaps.

The following 20 big security threats to brace up for by the year 2020 were identified and acknowledged by experts during the course of the event:

  1. Mobile Security
  2. Vulnerabilities exploits (Exploit kits)
  3. Cloud Security (network firewall, secure web gateway, WAF)
  4. Advanced Persistent Threats
  5. IoT Malware & Next generation of Artificial Intelligence powered attacks
  6. Destructive DDoS IOT attacks
  7. Insider Threat
  8. Business Email Compromise Attacks & Business Process Compromise
  9. Exploitation of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)
  10. End point threats
  11. Botnet of Things, Ransomware of Things (RoT) & Ransomware as a Service (RaaS)
  12. Data breaches and Data theft
  13. Identity Theft and Access Management
  14. Hacktivism, Web Exploits, Phishing & Whaling
  15. Online Financial Service Attacks (SSL & TLS)
  16. Attacks on critical information infrastructure
  17. Shadow IT, Zero-day exploits & Cyber-espionage
  18. Cloud computing providers’ infection
  19. Web App attacks
  20. Crimeware


RAH Infotech hosts Channel meet in Chennai in association with Seclore and WinMagic

RAH Infotech in association with Seclore and WInMagic organised a channel meet in Chennai to introduce to the channels what Seclore and WinMagic has to offer to both partners and customers and how they complement each other in securing mission critical enterprise data.

Held on 9th March 2017 at Crowne Plaza, the meet attracted over 100 participants from 47 channel organisations making a huge success. During the meet, the channels were introduced to importance of having encryption solutions and Enterprise Rights Management solutions to secure enterprise data.

Mr. Suchit Karnik, COO, RAH Infotech delivered the welcome speech and briefed to partners about the strength of RAH Infotech and the value it can add to partners’ business. He also mentioned why RAH Infotech is the fastest growing Technology VAD in India today.

Mr. Rahul Kumar, Country Manager, WinMagic India addressed the crowd about the importance of Encryption solutions and how these solutions can save organisations from data loss and revenue loss while helping partners earn handsome revenue. Mr. Pankaj Madhoop, Regional Manager South, WinMagic briefed partners about the various channel initiatives MinMagic has been taking including launching incentive schemes for the partners.

Represented by Mr. Rohit Oberoi, Director Channel – India & Middle East and Mr. Jagadish Balaram, Seclore team emphasised on all round security using Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) solutions and how their focus on security ensures that any type of document will remain protected. They also explained how Seclore partners with customers to combine deep industry expertise and uniquely open and scalable persistent data-centric technology to seamlessly extend their security infrastructure beyond the organization.

Channel community made the most of this opportunity to interact one-on-one with the OEMs, share knowledge and network over cocktails. All in all, it was a fun-filled and eventful evening concluded with networking over dinner amidst the laughter and high spirits.


RAH Infotech launches Nepal operations with Channel Fest in Kathmandu

RAH Infotech, the fastest growing value added technology distributor in India continued its expansion spree with the launch of its Nepal operations and announced its arrival into Nepal market by conducting Channel Fest in association with its OEMs Radware, Exinda and WinMagic at Kathmandu on Friday, 16th December 2016.

In this gala event held at Hotel Yak & Yeti, over 55 partners from 25 organisations took part making the event a grand success. Mr. Sabin Upadhyaya, Country Manager, Nepal for RAH Infotech delivered the welcome speech introducing RAH Infotech and its OEMs to the partners gathered.

Later Mr. Suchit Karnik, Senior VP, RAH Infotech took the audience on a RAH Infotech journey and explained why RAH Infotech has been the fastest growing value added technology distributor in India for the last three years in a row and what value it can add to partners’ business and how they can benefit from working with RAH Infotech.

Speaking on the occasion he said “Nepal is an important market for RAH Infotech and hence we are setting up our operations in this region with a dedicated team to cater to this market. We’ve been the fastest growing VAD in India and with continued support from Nepal channel community, we expect to replicate the success in this market as well” he added.

Representatives from Radware Apurva Bhatnagar and Vandit addressed the gathering about the application delivery and cyber security challenges and opportunities in the market and how Radware can help partners address customer challenges while benefitting from working with Radware.

Abhishek from WinMagic educated the audience about the data security and data theft issues plaguing the organisations and how the same can be effectively overcome using WinMagic encryption and data security solutions. Mr. Rahul Kumar, Country Manager, WinMagic announced some exciting incentive schemes for the partners while explaining how WinMagic solutions can address customers’ data security concerns.

Channel community was extremely happy having had the opportunity to meet RAH Infotech team and some of the OEMs they wish to work closely with. This event served as a platform for both OEMs and channel partners to have one-on-one conversation and both were happy to have had such an opportunity. All in all, it was a fun-filled and eventful evening concluded with networking over dinner amidst the laughter and high spirits.

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