Device42 Inc., a leader in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), delivers comprehensive,low cost solutions that helps companies visualize their infrastructure, understand network inter-dependencies, improve network security, and mitigate the impacts of planned and unplanned IT network changes. Device42 software centralizes data center management making IT assets visible,understandable, and controllable.


From its inception, in 2010, Device42 has listened closely to customer needs and designed solutions that meet and exceed customer requirements. As a result, Device42 software is used by a rapidly growing number of companies of all sizes, in more than 20 countries.

Benefits of Device42 Data Center Management

Say Hello to Automated Data Center Management

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual drawings which are, at best, inefficient and outdated.Device42 auto-generates accurate infrastructure and inter-dependencies diagrams making data center management faster, easier, and accurate.

  • Gain accurate infrastructure visibility – know what you have, where it's located, how it's connected, and who owns it.
  • Go beyond just the physical – gain visibility into blades, virtual machines, cloud instances,and applications running on them
  • Device42's comprehensive infrastructure management enables more informed decision making

Production data is captured non-disruptively and in its native form, to make it instantly available when needed. A single physical copy – a “golden master,” kept current through an “incremental forever” model – is used to spawn unlimited virtual copies, across any use case where a copy of production data is required.

Transform IT Anarchy into IT Organization

Access real-time data to understand how the data center is configured, where resources are assigned, and how those resources are being consumed.

  • Know the next IP address to be used and eliminate Ping reliance
  • Understand which racks have enough space to house new servers
  • Know which users are affected by scheduled and unscheduled outages
  • Know if a server/OS is still supported
  • Maintain accurate server-switch port connections
  • Accurately manage rack power and cooling capacities
  • Anticipate the impacts of unplanned device outages
  • Know device inter-dependencies and their services relationships

Dramatically Reduce Data Entry

Increase data center staff productivity by minimizing data entry tasks and by eliminating low value data entry, IT staff can spend more time on high value business initiatives.

  • Device42's auto-discovery tools do most of the work for you
  • Device42's open and powerful REST API is well documented and easy to use – enabling input/output of data from external sources (and from the UI) with features like .XLS API imports
  • Without excessive data entry, you can build the next cool thing and make world a better place

Effectively Manage Asset Life Cycles

  • Improve your planning with financial data for budgeting
  • Record purchases
  • Proactively manage contracts and maintenance renewals
  • Eliminate waste and save money

Resolve Technical Issues Faster

  • Improve your infrastructure service delivery with accurate and actionable data
  • Device42 will discover and correlate relationships between physical, logical, and virtual environments – providing a powerful tool for problem solving
  • The next time a data center emergency arises, save the day in style!

Centrally Manage Shared Accounts and Passwords

  • Take control of who has access to what systems
  • Ensure that data center teams have the information they need, when they need it
  • Map shared / service accounts to devices and applications
  • Manage shared accounts & passwords with granular access controls
  • Track password views, expiration dates, and password changes
  • And yes…keep the auditors happy, happy, happy!

Key Features include:


Automatic Rack Diagram

Visually see devices in rack exactly how they look in real life and click on device to get detailed info.Automatically generated from device details.


Room Layouts

Visual room layout. Heat Maps based on available Us’. Hover over to see rack/object details. Easy drag and drop right in your browser.


Cable Management

Simple way to manage your patch panel connectivity. Use APIs, UI to quickly bring your patch panel documentation under control. Visualize your cable management.


Super easy search

Super easy search from the dashboard for any object using partial or full strings. Searches through all the objects and creates listing for all categories based on permissions. Custom values included in search.


Detailed Device Info

Document physical, virtual, blade, clustered, switches or any other device types. Record any properties. Asset lifecycle management. Custom key pair values. Integrated with built-in IPAM.


Intuitive Data Entry

Easy multi-edit data entry. e.g. you can add all devices in a rack while editing the rack in easy multi-entry form or while adding IPs for a device, you can open a new tab from same place to see IPs being used in that subnet.


Intuitive Navigation

Easily search, sort and multi filter for any list whether it is device, IP address, Hardware models, Switch Ports etc. e.g. Filter all devices with a certain hardware, certain OS in a specific location.


Auto Populate objects

Network auto-discovery using SNMP. Also the Software lets you use your favorite scripting platforms to create and keep your documentation up-to date using APIs.


Audit Log

Sortable, searchable and filterable audit log of the changes being made by all the Administrators.


IP Address Management

Sort IPs, easy search, filter by subnets. Support for IPv6. Add detailed info for VLANs and subnets.Subnet ranges can be automatically calculated based on mask and IP validation done.


Switch port visualization

What MAC address is connected to what switch port and belongs to which device. Define and see what IPs are mapped(NAT) on firewall/router/load balancer etc.


DNS Integration

Just allow domain transfers from your DNS servers, schedule the auto-discovery and easily search and filter DNS records. Support for A, AAAA, CNAME, MX & PTR records.


Application Dependency

Automatically generate dependency and impact visuals once you define Application components from bottom up. Visualize inter-dependencies and even load balanced services.


Impact Charts

You can see impact from application, device, rack, room or building level. Impress your boss with the visuals or free beer on us*.


Role Based Access

Define who can see what. You can get granular with individual and/or group level permissions and define who can view/edit/add/delete what resources.


Device Tree

Expandable device tree, see all devices in a rack, virtuals in a physical, blades in a chassis etc. virtuals in blades.


Export your data

No lock in. Export your data anytime! Create excel Reports of your data. CSV files can be generated containing related columns for each resource.


Easy Import

Import IP Addresses from existing or new Excel files. And easily add devices using device import with columns like name, serial, mac, asset number etc.


Centralized Password Management

Password store with granular permission control. Passwords are stored encrypted(AES256) and sent to the backup file encrypted. With full audit trail for password access.


Inventory Management with QR Codes

Print customizable QR codes and manage your IT assets and inventory from mobile devices. Auto assign asset numbers and bulk print asset labels with embedded QR codes.


Integrate using RESTful APIs

Open APIs to automate your IT Infrastructure management. Easily integrate with other systems using RESTful APIs.


Data Center Management

Data Center Room Layouts

Device42's powerful data center infrastructure management (DCIM) capabilities have revolutionizedthe way IT departments manage their data centers. With powerful data center visualization tools, IT staff now have access to intelligent data center diagrams that accurately reflect their IT environment.

  • Drag & drop objects
  • Easily change rack orientation
  • Hover over object details
  • Select for object page
  • Heat maps availability


Auto-generate Rack Diagrams

Managing data center racks has never been easier or more accurate! Device42's automatically generated rack diagrams make manual drawings and spreadsheet records a thing of the past.Creating accurate rack diagrams is now fast and easy:

  • Support for ½ U devices
  • Back to back devices(½ depth)
  • Show filler panels, patch panels
  • See available rack units
  • Show PDUs in and around the rack
  • Drag and drop objects between racks
  • Find next available slot


IT Patch Panel Management

Visualize IT patch panel connections and with Device42 software. Manage structured cabling with easy data entry via UI or APIs and update back connectivity using bulk operations.

  • Hover over images to see full connectivity paths
  • Color coded for easier planning


Detailed Device Information

Document physical, virtual, blade, clustered, and more device types. Easy to use network switch or server selections. Record server processing power and connection properties along with asset tags, serial numbers, and support information. Robust integration with built-in IPAM.

  • Complete device details
  • CPU, memory HDD, IP & MAC address
  • Hardware components
  • Network switch and PDU port connectivity
  • Check out/assign to users
  • Assign and store passwords
  • Add device URLs
  • Assign custom values
  • Categorize per customer/department


Manage Spare Parts

Easily manage IT spare parts hardware inventory. Track what spares are in use or check out spares for deployment.

  • Supports CPU, RAM, HDD and customizable hardware components
  • Manage devices globally and/or by individual device(s)
  • Sort and view inventory by custom criteria


Power & Thermal Management

Power and thermal management in the data center has never been easier. Using Device42 software, data center managers can anticipate and avoid thermal- and power-related problems with proactive real-time and historical management capabilities:

  • Instant power monitoring from supported PDUs using SNMP
  • Track historical power and thermal data
  • Power estimation for servers
  • Better capacity planning
  • Power On/Off PDU outlets for supported models
  • (Add-on module – additional cost)


Automated Data Center Management

Automate data center management with a variety of auto-discovery tools for network, physical, or virtual infrastructures. Use powerful REST APIs to integrate with other tools and keep accurate data center documentation.

IT Asset Management

Comprehensive IT Asset Management

Device42 provides comprehensive IT asset management capabilities including powerful asset auto- discovery and configurable asset types that accommodate any IT asset type within in your infrastructure.

  • Choose from pre-defined asset types, or create custom types to suit your needs
  • Asset views allow custom search, filter, and sort
  • Create custom asset profiles (e.g. asset profile by location, or by device type)
  • Bulk actions enable asset number assignments or QR code generation for any number of assets


Device QR Codes and Asset Tags

Say goodbye to traditional barcode readers and use mobile devices for asset and inventory management. Print customized QR codes and auto-assign customizable asset numbers. Ensure that IT asset audits are both fast and accurate.

IT Asset Lifecycle Management

Track the lifecycle of your devices and non-IP based assets from their purchase, to all the way to their decommissioning.

Manage Non-IP Assets

Manage the complete lifecycle of all non-IP based assets. Because Device42 does not count non-IP devices, an unlimited number of non-IP devices can be supported.


Manage Purchases and Support Contracts

Centrally manage all IT contract information for devices, hardware, and software assets within the enterprise infrastructure.

  • Track purchases and contracts for all asset types
  • Generate and schedule reports based on purchase data
  • Receive contract expiration reminders to ensure timely renewals
  • Easily create reports that support IT audits

IP Address Management

IPv4 & IPv6 Addresses

Device42 enables centralized management IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Manually and automatically add IP addresses with defined relationships to devices and MAC addresses. Robust filtering and search makes IP management easy and fast.


Overlapping IP Ranges and Nested Subnets

The Device42 IP address Management (IPAM) software provides:

  • Overlapping IP ranges with VRF groups
  • Create nested IPv4 and IPv6 subnets with a single click
  • Subnet tree view with nested subnets & IPs
  • Assign subnets to customer/departments
  • Easily track usage per subnet
  • Keep accurate IP information using auto-discovery tools
  • Merge subnets into parents
  • Relocate subnets
  • Merge VLANs


Auto-assign IPs

Allow staff members to auto-assign available IPs to devices. Worrying about outdated IPAM.xlsx is now a thing of the past.

Visualize Switch Port Relationships

Device42's IP address manager builds graphic network visualizations of switch port to switch port connections. Auto-generated diagrams are based on auto-discovered and manually entered network data. In addition, diagrams also depict virtual devices detected on switch ports.

DNS Integration

Transfer zones and zone records automatically from DNS servers for easy search and up-to- date documentation and correlation to IP addresses.

IP Address Management from the Command Line

Device42's IP address management tool provides simple API calls to find next available IP, search for an IP, or assign a new IP using scripting language.

Device Discovery

Network SNMP Discovery

Device42 enables SNMP discovery for network devices…and more. SNMP discovery provides comprehensive capabilities to identify and track physical and logical components, and their relationship inter-dependencies.

  • Switch/Router/FW inventory
  • IP to MAC address relationships
  • MAC address to switch port relationships
  • VLANs/Subnets
  • SNMP v1/v2c/v3 supported
  • Discover CDP/LLDP neighbours
  • Custom discovery scheduling


Virtual Machines Discovery

Connect to VMWare vCenter Server/ESX/ESXi/Citrix Xen servers and have hosts and VMs details automatically populated. Schedule the discovery to keep VM documentation up-to- date as VMs migrate between hosts.


Cisco UCS Manager Auto-discovery

Connect with Cisco UCS Manager to automatically populate chassis, blades, and service profile information. Powerful search with automatic service profile to blade device correlation.

Device Discovery From Anywhere


.Net based agent-less software discovers devices on the network, compiles detailed device information and automatically uploads the information to the Device42 appliance.

  • Windows devices using WMI
  • *nix servers using SSH
  • Hyper-V hosts and VMs
  • Custom discovery scheduling
  • Run discoveries from remote locations


Ping Sweep Utility

Device42's .Net-based ping sweep utility parses Nmap output for a ping sweep on given network(s) and auto-uploads this data to the Device42 appliance.


APIs and Sample Scripts

Write APIs to automate object population in the Device42 appliance. Sample scripts are provided for Windows and Linux nodes along with script language for limited puppet integration using Facter fact files.

Role Based Access

Role Based Access

Device42 provides detailed role based access per category, for users and groups. IT administrators can assign view, add, edit, or delete permissions per category. Menu and object views can be customized based on access roles.


Active Directory Integration

Device42 can use Active Directory (AD) credentials for login, eliminating the need to remember extra passwords.

  • Easy setup for AD integration
  • Experimental support for open LDAP


Audit Trail

Device42 tracks network changes, additions, or deletions showing a comprehensive audit trail of who, when, and what took place. History records allow easy search and filtering. IT administrators can view audit trails per object from a centralized history page.



Device42 supports a number of multi-tenancy use cases. A corporation might want to restrict access by geographic location, department, division, corporate entity, and so on. More importantly, they might want a user to have access to just one department while another user has access to all departments within a division.

Application Mappings

Automated service impact discovery

With our powerful agent-less auto-discovery methods, you can easily map services, listening ports on the services and remote connections for windows and linux machines. Some of the benefits of this feature listed below:

  • Know what services are listening on what ports
  • Find out all the open ports on a machine
  • Visualize all the dependencies for a particular machine
  • Get a list view of the service and remote dependencies as well
  • No need to configure expensive span ports to get dependencies between servers
  • Easy migration path for your legacy systems


Application Dependency Flow

Device42's application dependency mapping component is powerful and easy to use. Application dependencies are defined from the bottom up and automatically generate dependency flow diagrams showing the relationships between application components. The result: IT managers know the application locations and their inter-dependencies.


Application Impact Lists

Impact lists provide the necessary details about the organizational groups using the applications, enabling IT managers to better support their users during planned and unplanned network changes.


Impact Charts

Device42 makes understanding network device relationships, fast, easy, and accurate. Using auto-generated Device42 diagrams, IT staff members have “anytime access” to impact charts that show the relationships between applications, hardware components (racks, servers, devices, etc.), and facilities (rooms, buildings, etc.). The result: easier, faster disaster recovery and better business continuance planning.

Software License Management

Software License Management Overview

Using Device42’s powerful agentless software discovery process, organizations can create and maintain a comprehensive, accurate profile of the software deployed on Windows and Linux machines across the entire IT infrastructure — from the server, to the desktop level.

  • Compare current usage to license counts
  • Detect prohibited software
  • Track license agreements and expiration dates
  • Identify purchased vs. installed software
  • Provide customizable notification alerts


Key Benefits

Device42’s software management functionality provides key organizational benefits:

  • License compliance – identify over-licensed, unlicensed, and expired licenses
  • Standards assurance – identify prohibited and approved software
  • Cost management – report license costs and minimize under-licensed software


Software Management Flexibility

Device42 provides options in the way companies manage their infrastructure software:

  • Select software as ignored – removes software components from the discovery list and ignores these components in future discoveries
  • Mark software as prohibited – sends alerts whenever prohibited software is located on the network
  • Assign software to suite – defines software as part of a software grouping, or “suite”


Comprehensive Licensing Tracking

Device42's license tracking models provide optimal flexibility in tracking software licenses – making accurate software auditing easier and faster. Licensing models include:

  • User based – perpetual or subscription, restricted to specific user, or free software
  • Device or CPU based – device license count, CPU count (by socket/core/virtual)
  • Client access – per seat – device, per seat – user, or on a per server, processor, or mailbox basis
  • Key based – usage counting based on key (as opposed to counting the software component instances)


User-defined Alerts and Notifications

Software license alerting and monitoring allows organizations to create set it, and forget it notifications that make ongoing network software management easy and effective. Alerting thresholds include:

  • The absolute number of licenses deployed
  • The percentage of licenses deployed
  • Prohibited software deployed
  • Pending and current license expirations

Password Management

Centralized IT Password Storage

Device42's enterprise IT password management software centrally and securely manages shared passwords used between IT teams.

  • AES 256 bit encryption
  • Permission control per password
  • Passwords are encrypted for both storage and backup
  • Password are not in HTML views and are only retrieved when requested
  • Copy passwords to clipboard without displaying them
  • Auto-generate secure passwords
  • Automatic logout on inactivity
  • Easy search features
  • Optionally assign password to multiple devices



Device42's network password manager controls who can view and change passwords at the global or per-password level:

  • Users who can view the password
  • Groups who can view the password
  • Users who can view and edit the password
  • Groups who can view and edit the password


Secure IT Password Generator

Device42's password generator creates auto-generated long, strong, and unique passwords that provide optimal password security.

  • Generate strong, random passwords
  • Choose settings for generating passwords, e.g.: # of upper case, lower case, special, and digit characters


Password History and Audit Trail

Device42 password and history audit trails ensure that every password change is recorded and tracked ensuring full visibility and fail-safe password tracking.

  • Device42 logs all actions, providing a built-in, searchable audit trail
  • Password related actions are logged: adds, changes, deletes, and even password viewing is logged
  • History is easily accessible via the centralized reports menu, or via the history button found on each password page
  • All prior passwords are retained in an encrypted fashion


IT Password Reporting

Device42's IT password reporting capabilities enable organizations to create and schedule custom reports showing what passwords have been changed, and what passwords have not been changed. The result: Better security monitoring and improved audit and compliance management.

CMDB for the Cloud Era

True CMDB with Integrations

Device42's CMDB provides a single source of truth within your organization. This gives you a clear view into your IT ecosystem to identify, manage, and verify all configuration items (CI) in your environment


Load CI's Fast with Powerful Auto-Discovery Tools

Populate your CMDB fast with an extensive range of auto-discovery tools for physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. Increase efficiency and maximize productivity by getting clear visibility into what you have while promoting transparency companywide.

  • All discovery tools are agentless
  • All discoveries can be scheduled so you're always up-to- date
  • Multiple protocols supported (e.g. SNMP, WMI, SSH, Modbus, …)
  • Native support for virtualization platforms
  • Native support for public and private cloud platforms
  • Native support for blade chassis
  • Granular APIs with sample scripts for custom discovery
  • Fast, flexible and easy to deploy
  • Result is a system that is always audit ready


Pre-configured CMDB

No need for a long, drawn-out CI design process because all your CI's and relationships are pre- configured. But Device42 does not simply lock you into an inflexible structure. You can create your own CIs and relationships to complement the built-in structure provided. Additionally, you can define user, groups, passwords, and object-level permissioning.



Once your data is loaded, it's time to reap the benefits. Device42 offers an extensive and highly-customizable set of reports and inquiry screens to access your CI data. But even better, Device42 provides an extensive set of visualizations including….

  • Your computer rooms and racks with power and capacity heatmaps
  • Your full IP connectivity and power chain
  • Your hardware, software, and application dependencies


Fast and Easy Integration

Device42 includes a very granular and secure set of RESTful APIs for integration with other applications used to manage your IT infrastructure. Device42 also offers a number of out-of- the box integrations…


Rapid Deployment

  • Most customers find they are up and running much of their infrastructure loaded in less than a day
  • Auto-discovery requires just filling in a few forms with parameters like IP ranges and authentication parameters
  • Spreadsheet-based imports are available for data that cannot be discovered
  • RESTful API's are available for customized data-loading and mapping

Benefits of Device42 Data Center Management

Patch Panel Cable Management Software

Data center teams often find themselves tracing cables within their data center due to outdated,inaccurate patch panel records (usually Excel or Visio files). Worse yet, some data centers lack any tools for managing the ever expanding, ever changing sea of patch panel connections. Fortunately, data center cable management doesn’t have to be daunting, time consuming, and error prone. With Device42 software, keeping track of your patch panel cable connections is fast, easy, and accurate. Device42 removes cable management complexity and increases the visibility, control, and efficiency of data center cable management.

  • Manage your patch panels efficiently and effectively
  • Support templates for fiber, Ethernet, or any patch panel type
  • Load cabling data using spreadsheet imports
  • Manage cabling data using easy-to- use web-based GUI
  • Visualize end-to- end connectivity using patch panel layouts
  • Quickly determine port availability and port status

For further information, Learn more

IT Inventory Management Software

Device42 provides comprehensive IT Asset Management (ITAM) capabilities that establish and maintain a centralized system of record for managing the entire lifecycle of any IT asset type within your data center infrastructure. Device42’s powerful auto-discovery capabilities also ensure IT asset inventories, whether physical, logical, or cloud, are accurate and up-to- date. Using Device42’s comprehensive ITAM capabilities, companies can:

  • Agentless auto-discovery
  • Hardware and Software inventory
  • Both Physical and Virtual
  • Inventory assets on premise or in the cloud
  • Container inventory
  • Track and Visualize relationships between assets
  • QR codes and barcodes with smart phone support for inventory management
  • Integrate with popular ITSM tools (change history)
  • Scalability, from small to huge – No inventory too large
  • Warranty check, reporting and tracking
  • Ensure compliance and audit security
  • Audits just got a LOT easier via customizable reports, at your fingertips
  • Go beyond just assets with our fully integrated CMDB

For further information, Learn more

DataCenter Power Management

"Playing tetris” with your servers in racks with no visibility into power consumption? Wasting money and resources on under-optimized data center power? Device42's comprehensive DCIM solution can help you take the complexity out of your data center energy management giving you full visibility and control. Optimize your data center power and add efficiency to your capacity planning.

  • Monitor your smart PDUs, UPSs, CRACs, branch circuits and other devices
  • View reports and charts showing historical data
  • View room- and rack-level color heatmaps showing infeed-level detail
  • Setup automated alerts to warn you about anomalous conditions
  • Monitor sensors (e.g. temperature and humidity) with historical data and alerts
  • Visualize your power chain
  • Power-On / Power-Off PDU ports
  • Support for all SNMP-based power devices
  • “Device42 stands out for the simplicity of its implementation and operation” (Gartner)
  • Lowest-cost fully-featured DCIM tool

For further information, Learn more

IP Address Tracking Software (Collapsible)

Tracking your IP addresses doesn’t have to be daunting, time consuming, and error prone Do away with the spreadsheets. Device42 features a comprehensive IPAM solution that take the complexity out of IP address tracking giving your organization centralized visibility and control. Your network is vital, take control of your IP space today!

  • Automatically keep track of all your local & remote IPs with extensive auto-discovery options.
  • Agent-less autodiscovery that can be scheduled to run at pre-defined intervals.
  • Support for IPv4/IPv6, overlapping IPs across VRF groups.
  • Build custom reports, create recurring schedule to run reports, deliver to multiple email recipients
  • Track MAC address, switch port and device relationships automatically.
  • Subnet Tree view with Nested subnets & IPs.

For further information, Learn more

SSL Certificate Management

One of the biggest pain points encountered managing a complex IT infrastructure is making sure that you are aware when your certificates are coming up for renewal as well as keeping the inventory of certificates up-to- date. Device42 offers simple yet powerful certificate management tool with following benefits.

  • Easy to manage inventory of all your SSL certificates
  • Securely store your keys with granular access control
  • Get notified in advance before your certificates expire
  • Visual heatmap shows time remaining to renewal at a glance
  • Manage all the certificates in the chain
  • Certificate Auto-Discovery by IP range
  • Auto-import your certificates with full details
  • Use custom fields for additional data storage
  • Relate devices to certificates and know which devices need to be updated.
  • Track your purchase orders, costs etc. around certificates

For further information, Learn more

Software Vulnerability Management

Rapid Vulnerability Identification and Remediation. Quickly be alerted to vulnerabilities with Device42. Get detailed alerts containing valuable impact and remediation information, describing problem locations and prioritized by CVE severity. Device42’s ITAM/CMDB solution maintains an up-to- date database of discovered software assets deployed across your enterprise. We get near real time vulnerability information, and cross reference this against all versions of your deployed software. You are immediately alerted to serious vulnerabilities. You can also generate customized reports that have all the information you need to prioritize and remediate. Instead of a sea of overwhelming information, you are provided with the concise, actionable data you need to get vulnerable systems patched. With Device42, your teams will never overlook another CVE, and no affected system will go un-remediated without your knowledge. Benefits:

  • Stop wasting valuable time correlating generic security reports, finding required remediation data, and manually determining user impacts
  • Eliminate the tedious, manual work of trying to identify instances and locations of affected software, and triaging their respective support teams
  • Instead, spend time remediating!


Key Features:

  • Scan your network for software installations across your infrastructure
  • Device42 automatically correlates affected devices with its CVEs.
  • Get automated alerts when CVEs are detected:
  • Get immediate alerts for high vulnerability CVEs with location, downstream impact and detailed information to plan the remediation
  • Receive reports at desired intervals for medium/low impact CVEs
  • Automatically emailed to key stakeholders
  • Allows less urgent remediations to be planned accordingly
  • Always have an accurate picture of the software risk across the enterprise
  • Spend less time sorting through data, and more time remediating issues!

For further information, Learn more

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