The constant barrage of cyber-attacks and threats has created a need to prevent data leak attempts from inside and outside the organization. Although many solutions are available in the market today that focus on preventing data leakage but they fail to launch attempts to inhibit internal digital impendence before it consumes the entire organizations’ resource.

Data Resolve Technologies is in the prime business of providing detailed real-time information on data leakage reducing the business risks and protecting data from insider threats throughout its lifecycle. The core concept behind its technology is to help organizations detect human behaviour well before incidents occur including time spent by end users in productive and unproductive work,sensitive online searches and chats among the peers.

It is focused on addressing issues related to corporate fraud, data leak and employee productivity with security analytics via end points, from in-premise and on-cloud platforms, with products christened as “inDefend – Solution for Insider Threat Management for Desktop and Laptops” and “MobSec – Solution for Mobile Workforce Management for Smart Devices”.


Our product offers a mechanism via which customers can detect and tackle various kinds of sensitive activities pertaining to data loss and data theft. Hence, it provides a proactive approach to the organizations by facilitating the following:

  • User Behavioural Analysis, commonly known as UBA
  • Centralized Management Console for efficient management
  • Real Time Based Incident Reporting via SMS Alerts
  • Email Based Daily Reports
  • Analytics via Cyber Intelligence Report highlighting the key sensitive data leakage scenarios with proof

Product Offerings:


Insider Threat Management Solution

The solution provides a centralized management console via which the customer can monitor and control all the major channels that can lead to data theft. inDefend provides a holistic view of all the employee activities and is a proactive approach to monitor employee behaviour.


Granular analysis of agent activities via various reports Cyber Intelligence Report, Business Specific used cases alerts via SMS and email.


  • Browsing Activity Analytics
  • Network Application Analytics
  • Web File Uploads Analytics
  • Email Activity Analytics
  • External Media Activity Analytics
  • Chat Session Activity Analytics
  • Productivity Analytics



  • Detailed Analytics of all the activities of employees on weekly or monthly basis
  • Summarized snapshots of unauthorized & Suspicious activities
  • Detailed summary of the key problems that are persisting in the organization
  • Provides the brief insights of the key data leakage, employee unproductivity etc. activities performed in the organization along with the respective proof.

Data Leakage Prevention

Content-based policies for detection and prevention of confidential information being transmitted by employees via various channels.


  • Control of Removable device usage
  • Control file Uploads to websites
  • Control attachments and file uploads on filename keywords and extension
  • Control attachments and file uploads on basis of content filtering
  • Control application usage
  • Control file Operations(Cut, Copy, Delete)
  • Enforced encryption



  • Selective and complete blocking of removable media
  • Blocking of file uploads and attachments on the basis of file extensions and domains
  • Blocking of file uploads to Skype and IM
  • Blocking of applications
  • Restriction on file operation for admin specified parent folders
  • Content wise blocking of the file uploads and attachments
  • Enforced encryption ensuring no misuse of the data in case of loss or misplacement

Employee Productivity Management

Detailed monitoring and controlling of the employee desktop and laptop activities in order to assess the employee behaviour.


Detailed Monitoring of User’s:
  • Browsing activity
  • Application activity
  • Web search activity
  • Email activity
  • Removable media activity
  • Time session maintenance for application and browsing activity
  • Idle time session logging
  • Chat activity
  • File upload activity
  • Complete endpoint activity in Stealth mode



  • Time spent by user on productive applications and unproductive work
  • Monitoring employee’s activity to assess his behaviour
  • Applications being used in the organization and malicious activities performed
  • Sensitive searches or chats being done
  • Possible job attrition
  • Malicious activities going on in the organization
  • Employee activities in stealth mode detecting their true behaviour

Employee Forensics

In depth analysis and detection of the malicious activities performed by employees via various channels, with inbuilt tools for performing extreme monitoring.


Detailed Monitoring of User’s:
  • Logging of the employee browser and application activities
  • Shadow logging
  • Screen shot monitoring
  • Session logging of the employee activities along with the application or document name
  • Logging of the employee chat activities
  • Logging of the employee email activities along with Bcc and Subject
  • Logging of data transfer via Removable media
  • Content wise filtering for file uploads and attachments logs
  • Stealth mode monitoring
  • Forensics Scanner



  • Detailed logs for all the malicious activities
  • Capability to get the filtering done on the already generated logs as per newly created template
  • Screen shots capturing the malicious activities in process
  • Shadow logging captures the data leak via file uploads and emails
  • Time session logs help you determine document and application users
  • Detailed reporting of an employee behavior over multiple parameters in order to access him/her
  • Details of the file transfer happening via removable media
  • Details of the destination and source of the content going our via file uploads and attachments
  • Detailed logging of the sensitive chat destinations and chat initiators


Mobile Workforce ManagementThe solution serves the crucial need for enterprises to manage the usage and flow of critical information on smart phones and tablets. Going a step ahead of contemporary MDM solutions, MobSec also provides a powerful reporting for device activity analytics and non-compliant activities, allowing detailed visibility to the administrator.

Mobile Device Management

The introduction of smart devices in business have been a boon as they enable the user connectivity 24*7 but with that such devices have increased the data security concerns of the management. Managing the device has been a major concern, especially in the scenario where the device is lost as data can be misused. In order to provide complete control of the data in such scenarios Data Resolve has come up with MobSec which provides features ensuring business data can be kept out of reach of the miscreants.


  • Device inventory management
  • Device tamper detection
  • Device compliance auditing
  • Network and traffic monitoring
  • Device compliance policies
  • Device diagnostics

Mobile Device Security

Companies have provided smart devices to the employees and they are being used efficiently in the office scenarios but with the allocation of such devices to the users, the management has a key concern of protecting the business sensitive data present in such devices. The protection of such data can ensure by using MobSec.


  • Secure business apps
  • Encryption and Containerization
  • Geofencing and Time fencing
  • Connected peripherals monitoring and control
  • Extended android APIs support
  • Profile based monitoring

Mobile Application Management

Using smart devices enables you to have multiple features set right from games, applications and other utilities on the device but when such devices are used in the Business scenario, multiple applications can be a cause of security and employee productivity concern. To achieve it Application control needs to be in place and it’s a feature set included in MobSec.


  • Application inventory tracking
  • App whitelisting/blacklisting

Employee Productivity Management

Enterprises are making their employees smart device enabled to ensure that business doesn’t get hampered in any case but with that comes the major concern of how the device is being used by the employees and whether the time is being spent by the employees on business related work or some unproductive activity. So monitoring of such devices needs to be done to ensure the proper utilization of the resources.


  • Call, SMS and MMS monitoring (Inbound excluded)
  • File download monitoring
  • File download monitoring
  • Browser/Search activity monitoring
  • App usage monitoring

Why MobSec?

  • Identifying sensitive and/or unproductive activities performed by the employees by conducting:
    • Call, SMS, MMS Monitoring
    • File Download Monitoring
    • Search Activities Monitoring
    • Application Usage Monitoring
  • Facilitating Remote Lock and Wipe for maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your data incase of sensitive events
  • Generation of periodic CI Reports based on data gathered from MobSec Management Console will grant a periodic overview of business risks and threats generated within the company network
  • Management of work and personal profiles on devices
  • Supporting Location Tracking and Geo-Fencing

Solution Offerings:

Social Media

In today’s fast moving world everyone wants to stay connected but as physical meetings are not always possible so everyone ends up on the social networking sites.Though social networking is positive put along with it come loads of key concerns like:

  • Resources invested on it and amount of time spent
  • Disclosure of confidential data
  • Harmful and malicious websites
  • Reputation damage to posting of controversial content keeping track of these points in depth


Solution: Data Resolve’s solution provides complete control of network activity and provides administrator control for management and implementation of their policies

  • Blacklisting and whitelisting of sensitive websites and website categories
  • Detailed information for Skype & IM chat and attachments
  • User wise detailed information for the internet browsing activities
  • Analytics report and graph showing the domain wise activity list done through the endpoint computers

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Adhering to standards becomes essential for all companies aiming to create a positive image and build a trustworthy brand for existing and prospective customers. Internally, these policies are helpful for companies in designing and maintaining a standard and controlled environment that is safe and secure for their employees in executing their day-to- day assignments. Solution: Data Resolve’s solution offerings can be implemented by organizations within their network to help them in achieving and maintaining compliances to various security standards relevant to their industry.

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Endpoint Security

As a company we focus on protecting our gateways by installing firewalls, IDS/IPS and certain other security measures but still end up with a security breach because we overlook the point of insider data theft by any authorised or unauthorised, keeping these concerns in mind we have come up with a solution for protecting and monitoring the network endpoints and ensuring proper logging of data transfer through them.


  • Detailed report and monitoring of all endpoint transactions through network computers
  • Full control of the removable device management including setting and manipulating the policies
  • AES 128 bit encryption ensures your data is not getting misused
  • Extensive content wise monitoring of email body and attachments

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Employee Productivity Monitoring

Even after providing the best assets and infrastructure we end up on lower profit margins and at times project time extension, our product is tackling all such issues by keeping you informed of the network activities on your network and provide you with detailed statistical analytics which makes easier for you to take decisions and frame appropriate policies.


  • Keeps track of browsing being made and sensitive searches being made and along with it provides malicious activity search alerts via SMS and email
  • Detailed Employee wise analytical report of overall network activities
  • Screenshot monitoring for the real time employee activity information
  • Blacklisting of network domains and URLs

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