Actifio virtualizes the data that’s the lifeblood of businesses in more than 30 countries around the world. Its Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology enables businesses to protect, access, and move their data faster, more efficiently, and more simply by decoupling data from physical storage, much the same way a hypervisor decouples compute from physical servers. For enterprise-class backup modernization, self-serve instant data access, or service provider business transformation, Actifio is the first and only choice for radically simple copy data virtualization.

Actifio is the first and only enterprise class copy data virtualization platform. The Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) virtualizes copy data, thereby eliminating the redundancies that are responsible for the inefficiencies currently in data centers.

Actifio’s solutions include:

Copy Data Virtualization

Server virtualization freed massive unused capacity in computing. Today data virtualization is freeing more business’s data from its legacy physical infrastructure. It’s time to apply the same virtualization approach to data that changed everything with servers. We all know the volume of data is growing at a staggering pace. And the vast majority of the data we’re storing are excess copies of production, created by disparate data protection and availability tools like backup, DR, dev & testing, and analytics.

Actifio replaces siloed data management applications with an application-centric, SLA-driven approach. At the highest level, Actifio lets you do 3 things:

  • Capture data from production applications, according to an SLA you can define in just a few clicks
  • Manage that data in the most efficient way possible
  • Use virtual or physical copies of the data whenever and wherever you need them

Production data is captured non-disruptively and in its native form, to make it instantly available when needed. A single physical copy – a “golden master,” kept current through an “incremental forever” model – is used to spawn unlimited virtual copies, across any use case where a copy of production data is required. Copy Data Virtualization frees increasingly strategic data from increasingly commoditized infrastructure, replacing the many siloed systems you’re using today to protect and access copies of the same production data. It replaces all the software licensing and capital intensive hardware tied up in Backup, Snapshot, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Dev & Test, Compliance, Analytics, and other systems with a single, radically simple approach that does one thing: Make whatever data, from whenever it was created, available wherever you need it.

Backup Modernization: Achieving Business Resiliency

Achieving Business Resiliency means being ready with a plan, systems and resources to keep everything running in an organization as it normally would. Resiliency is insurance against loss of customers, loss of share value, and loss of reputation. In practice, IT organizations must provide systems and processes to ensure that data is protected and available and that those systems can be maintained in a ready and operational state with as few disruptions as possible, regardless of the circumstances.

Achieving Business Resiliency
Too often legacy Data Protection and DR infrastructure does not live up to the objectives and requirements of the business. This requires changing the fundamental nature of data protection & business resiliency. Actifio Enterprise fundamentally changes the nature of data protection and business resiliency. Because it leverages the Actifio Virtual Data Pipeline, it is incredibly efficient in its use of infrastructure, storage, and bandwidth, enabling substantially better performance at lower total costs. Likewise, through data virtualization, Actifio Enterprise provides nearly instant access to large amounts of data for any use. This alone makes it revolutionary for those organizations seeking to move to proactive business resilience. Because it is SLA-driven, Actifio Enterprise makes it easy to comply with diverse data governance needs that require that certain data meet certain standards for availability and retention, while other data can be treated less stringently. Finally, with deep functionality for workflows and process orchestration, recovery in the event of a loss or disruption can be accomplished with a single click, not the days of manual work previously required to painstakingly recover countless elements one at a time.

Business Resiliency Use Cases


Actifio Enterprise moves past the legacy construct of traditional backup and recovery solutions to deliver a single and radically simple data protection system. Actifio’s unique differentiated features in backup and recovery deliver powerful functionality that can speed backup modernization, improve recovery point (RPO) and recovery time (RTO) service levels, and apply granular protection at the application level and even at the VM level.

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As a business continuity and disaster recovery system, Actifio Enterprise is unique in the confidence that it gives its customers. Most DR systems are tested too infrequently to give organizations confidence that they can actually recover in the event of a disaster. With Actifio, one can use those testing features of the system all the time, because they are simple to use and don’t create additional data or any impact on production systems.

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Actifio Enterprise brings order and automation to data governance and compliance in large organizations, replacing complex collections of data management tools and manual processes. Actifio’s SLA-based data management and workflows enable proper handling of data based on rules defined to ensure proper long term retention, data masking to protection personal data, and other requirements. Compliance is required without driving endless incremental copies, saving substantial money by dramatically reducing the storage required to meet compliance and governance needs.

Data Access: Achieving Business Agility

Business Agility requires that business analysis, decisions, and the execution of business processes move quickly. In today’s environment of automation and data-driven business, the power for a business to move quickly depends upon the immediacy and agility of business data across an organization. Unfortunately, the reality of legacy systems and current enterprise architecture means that the ideal of agile data is difficult to achieve and is still a distant goal for many organizations. Most enterprise architects and CIOs struggle to answer questions on ‘how to make operation data available in as close to real time, how to improve time to market and how to deliver the data as per business needs’ with approaches that are both achievable and affordable.

Achieving Business Resiliency

Too often, the available answers to such questions involve substantial expense and are point solutions, focused more on solving a specific integration issue to gain access to data from specific applications or involving substantial manual processes that generate a large volume of data copies that consume valuable bandwidth and storage resources. Ideally, a data management system would solve these issues more holistically, creating a data access layer in the enterprise architecture that could be applied to multiple uses for multiple sources of data. Changing the fundamental nature of data access across the enterprise Actifio changes the fundamental nature of data access in the enterprise, providing a single data management platform that captures data across your enterprise applications and systems, manages it with supreme efficiency, and provisions virtual or physical copies for any use across your organization. Because it leverages the Actifio Virtual Data Pipeline, it is incredibly efficient in its use of infrastructure, storage, and bandwidth, enabling substantially better performance at lower total costs. Likewise, through data virtualization, Actifio provides nearly instant access to large amounts of data for any use. This is key in data agility. Through instant mount of virtual data, a 10 TB Oracle database, for example, can be made available to dozens of developers in multiple locations in minutes. Because it is SLA-driven, Actifio makes it easy to comply with diverse data governance needs, and workflow and automation ensures that data is formatted properly (e.g. for masking requirements) for distribution. Non-disruptive testing assures the business of promised service levels for provisioning.

Business Agility Use Cases


Actifio provides virtual copies of data to development and testing teams without requiring significant time and effort on the part of an infrastructure team to provision the data and without using a substantial storage to house all of those physical copies. Moreover, Actifio can maintain the sync between those copies of the database and whatever is in production without having an impact on those production systems. This enables organizations to build better applications faster than would otherwise be possible. Learn more:

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Actifio provides a comprehensive, holistic approach to data management across the full lifecycle of an application, from development to management to retirement. Our ability to provide instant data access across the lifecycle of an application improves DevOps, data protection and ad hoc access while in production, and the ability to rapidly access data retained for the long term, even after an app is decommissioned from full production.

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Actifio Solutions For Service Providers

The shift toward the enterprise cloud is a double-edged sword for service providers. On the one hand, business is great, with more and more customers moving toward the cloud. On the other, there are plenty of things to keep you up at night. The way out starts with realizing that the root cause of all these problems is a business model built UP from infrastructure. Solving the problem demands a new approach to the business, developed DOWN from what customers actually care about application SLAs.

Achieving Business Resiliency
The customer data that’s the lifeblood of your business is bound up in storage architectures designed in the 1980’s. It’s siloed into use cases that create copies without knowing what copies already exist. It takes too long to access, and costs too much to store and protect. And doing something new with it – improv​ing​ SLAs, delivering new services, or just making it easier to manage – is a lot harder than it should be. Actifio is the solution: It’s a purpose-built bundle of technology, deployment services, and enablement programs dozens of cloud service providers around the world are using to transform their underlying economics and business value proposition. It’s built on Actifio’s patented Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology, to change your business by providing the operational leverage of storage vendor-agnostic data management, and the revenue leverage that comes from being able to open up new subscription-based services on the back of a subscription-based cost model. It works by virtualizing data in much the same way other technologies have virtualized compute and networking.



With Actifio CSPs may deliver an expansive catalog of data resiliency oriented services, including backup modernization, vaulting and long term retention, backup and data protection, disaster recovery and failover testing, remote site replication, and more.

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With Actifio CSPs may offer services designed to address the challenges their customers face in an era of data movements across a distributed, hybrid cloud model.

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